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Secure Window Systems for Correctional + Behavioral Health Facilities

Hope’s Correctional Window Systems is 100+ years strong in window security, safety, and enduring performance.

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30 Series Fixed Security Windows

Ideal for thermal performance in both hot and cold environments for facilities that are fully climate controlled. Cost effective and versatile with many aesthetic options available to meet even the most challenging design concepts.

10 Series Awnings Security Windows

Ideal for secure areas that require airflow. Saves energy by cooling building interiors without the use of power. Best solution for smoke evacuation and can be integrated into the fire alarm system.

20 Series Side Hung Security Windows

Ideal for secure areas that require airflow with the additional benefit of saving energy by cooling building interior without the use of power. Full height operation aids in flushing stale, hot, or dirty air from enclosed spaces.

50 Series Air Vented Security Windows

Ideal for air ventilation in areas where inmates have access to the interior and exterior sides of the opening. Air vent windows operate without any exposed moving parts on the inside or outside of the building.

40 Series Guard Frame Security Windows

Ideal for historic applications or where a unique architectural detention aesthetic is desired. Allows large rows of windows to be operated remotely and in sync with manual or electric rack and pinion systems.

70 Series Sliding Guard Tower Security Windows

Ideal for safeguarding staff by offering a secure bullet resistant observation platform. Includes sliding vents to be used for ventilation or firing lanes in the event of an emergency.

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