• June 7, 2016

G. Bowie & Associates

G. Bowie and Associates

G. Bowie & Associates

G. Bowie & Associates 600 96 Hope's Windows, Inc.
G. Bowie and Associates
Hope's Windows Local Sales Representative

G. Bowie & Associates

P. O. Box 198807
Nashville, TN 37219

Gary Bowie

(615) 477-7350
Fax (615) 250-9812

Shirley Rielly
Account Administrator
(615) 423-2869

Karina Glusman
Manufacturers Representative
(831) 295-0314

G. Bowie and Associates has built relationships with Architects, Developers, Interior Designers, Glazing Contractors, and General Contractors for over 20 years. With annual sales exceeding 20 million, we represent the Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Virginia and the panhandle of Florida territories.

Our representatives’ backgrounds are in Construction and Sales. We specialize in Division 8 products, historic, new construction, retrofit, and exterior and interior design.

Our company provides:
• AIA credit courses
• Architectural development
• Design assistance
• Consultation on product limitations
• Direct partnership including Drafting and Engineering
• Product explanation luncheons
• Specifications
• Coordinate price quotations between manufacturer and client

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