Proven Performance

of Hope's Steel Windows and Doors

Hope’s custom crafted windows and doors set the standard for performance excellence that no other steel manufacturer has equaled. Hope’s provides peace of mind with products that are tested and proven to deliver protection solutions for inclement weather, harsh and extreme environments, and even dangerous situations caused by man or Mother Nature.

Third-Party Testing & Certification

Hope’s prides itself on its long-standing commitment to testing and certification, subjecting its products to more third-party testing and certifications than any other steel window and door manufacturer. The process of exceeding both rigorous, independent testing and customer expectations begins with the engineering and design of Hope’s products – expertise derived from more than 100 years of experience.

Code Compliance

Hope’s provides custom solutions to satisfy local, state, and national building code requirements of any building project. Regardless of how complex or challenging a building code, there is a solution, and Hope’s can provide it.

Air, Water and Structural Performance

Air infiltration and water penetration are two of the biggest issues that can affect performance. That’s why Hope’s windows and doors are rigorously tested for structural performance against exterior wind load, air leakage, and water penetration.
  • ASTM E283 – Air Infiltration
  • ASTM E331 – Water Penetration
  • ASTM E330 – Structural Loading

Thermal Performance and Energy Efficiency

Hope’s is committed to crafting energy-efficient windows and doors. The intrinsic properties of Hope’s solid hot-rolled steel and solid bronze windows and doors provide optimal thermal performance as substantiated by third-party testing and NFRC certifications. With pioneering innovation, Hope’s has developed Thermal Evolution™ technology. This advanced thermal-break technology provides exceptional thermal performance and condensation resistance. The patented Thermal Evolution technology is third-party tested and NFRC certified.
  • NFRC 100 – Thermal U-Value
  • NFRC 200 – Solar Heat Gain
  • NFRC 400 – Air Infiltration
  • NFRC 500 – Condensation Resistance

Protection from Corrosive Environments

Hope’s low-maintenance protective coating and finishing system provides incomparable long-term protection against corrosion and abrasion whether your building is inland or oceanfront. Hope’s coating and finishing processes exceed the most rigorous testing standards and are carefully scrutinized to ensure products will perform, both aesthetically and functionally, for decades to come.
  • ASTM D174 – Paint Blistering
  • ASTM D4585 – Humidity
  • ASTM B117 – Salt Spray and Fog
  • ASTM D1654 – Painted Products in Corrosive Environments
  • ASTM G85 – Cyclic Fog and Dry (Prohesion)
  • ASTM D5894 – Salt Fog/UV Painted Metal
  • ASTM D4541 – Pull Off Strength of Coating

Hurricane and Impact Resistance

Designed and tested to protect against the most brutal storms and flying debris, Hope’s impact-rated hurricane windows and doors eliminate the maintenance and added cost of hurricane shutters. Hope’s offers the industry’s largest selection of fully tested and certified windows and doors for use within hurricane and impact zones – including lift-slide and slide-fold door systems. Available in solid hot-rolled steel or bronze, Hope’s custom crafted windows and doors provide timeless aesthetics, enhanced views, and passive storm protection.
  • ASTM E1996 – Impact (Hurricane)
  • ASTM E1886 – Cyclic Pressure
  • TAS 201, TAS 202, and TAS 203 – Florida Building Code testing protocol for hurricane resistant product approvals, including High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) areas

Fire Resistance

Hope’s windows and doors are subjected to fire resistance testing, certification, and labeling. Fire resistance is just one more way Hope’s demonstrates commitment to the safety and welfare of people and property.
  • ASTM E119 – Standard Test Methods for Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials
  • NFPA 251 – Standard Methods of Tests of Fire Resistance of Building Construction and Materials
  • NFPA 252 – Standard Methods of Fire Tests of Door Assemblies
  • UBC Standard 7-1-97 – Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials
  • UBC Standard 7-2-97 – Fire Tests of Door Assemblies
  • UL 10c – Standard for Positive Pressure Fire Tests of Door Assemblies
  • UBC 7-4 – Fire Tests of Window Assemblies

Forced Entry Security

Safety and security are of utmost concern to homeowners and to Hope’s. These concerns are taken into consideration with every window and door. Rest assured that Hope’s offers window and door solutions that are designed, tested, and manufactured to stand up to forced entry, ensuring life safety and protection of property.
  • ASTM 588 – Forced Entry

Bullet Resistance

For the highest security needs, Hope’s offers life-saving protection against bullets in gunfire situations. From government buildings and safe rooms to storefronts and banks, these windows provide the best protection available today with the superior aesthetic that is standard with Hope’s.
  • UL752 – Bullet Resistance

Blast Protection

High-risk buildings, such as government facilities and airports, must be designed with windows and doors that complement their structural integrity and mitigate the hazardous effects of flying glass and other debris following an explosion. Hope’s blast protection can be integrated into any existing Hope’s design suite, providing life-saving protection with the same narrow profiles and elegant sightlines.
  • ASTM F1642 – Glazing and Glazing Systems Subject to Airblast Loading
  • GSA TSO1 Level C and Level D – Exceeds the Department of Defense Anti-terrorism Standard #UFC 4-010-01

ADA and Egress Compliance

All Hope’s windows and doors can meet ADA and egress requirements. Because these codes vary by location, Hope’s depends on its years of industry experience to work with design professionals to ensure all requirements are met.

Natural Daylighting

Hope’s windows allow for narrower frames which, in turn, allow more natural daylight to fill a room. Studies prove that natural daylight promotes the feeling of well-being, helps the healing process in medical facilities, and positively affects the mood and productivity of building occupants. Additionally, improved daylighting can significantly reduce the energy consumption for electric lighting.

Low Maintenance and Sustainability

Every Hope’s custom crafted window and door is built to last a century or longer with minimal maintenance requirements. Hope’s is committed to crafting energy-efficient windows and doors from sustainable materials. And Hope’s superior coating and finishing system requires less maintenance than other window and door materials.

The Ultimate in Life Cycle Value

Every Hope’s custom crafted window and door is built to last several generations – a century or longer – with minimal maintenance. Compare this long life cycle to alternatives such as wood and aluminum, and it’s clear that Hope’s is the best long-term investment both environmentally and financially.

Contact Hope’s for detailed testing results from industry organizations such as ASTM, NFRC, The Florida Building Code, and others.