Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer questions about what sets Hope’s apart from other windows and doors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Hope’s Windows designed to keep out the elements?

All of our products are independently certified for ASTM air, water, and structural performance and NFRC certified for U-value (thermal efficiency) and condensation resistance. Hope’s exclusive solid hot rolled profiles use triple weather stripping applied to integral grooves that significantly reduces to meet the certification process.

Are Hope’s steel windows suitable for coastal locations with salt air environments?

To achieve the longest product life cycle, Hope’s employs the world’s our Power of 5 finishing system (link to finishing page). Developed in cooperation with top U.S. metallurgists and architectural coatings suppliers, Hope’s finishing system is engineered to ensure that windows and doors remain pristine and free from corrosion decade after decades, even in the harshest environments, inland or ocean-front.

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Is it true that Hope’s steel windows are available in thousands of color choices?

Yes, Hope’s offers various coatings including acrylic polyurethane or polyester powder top coats. Both coatings have options for custom color matching, different sheens, metallic flakes, and artistic/weathered finishes to perfectly integrate with your design. *Provide link to download color chart

How long is the standard factory warrantee on Hope’s windows?

Hope’s Windows offers an industry leading 10-year limited warrantee that covers the material, workmanship, hardware, and finish.

Where are Hope’s windows made?

All of Hope’s windows and doors are proudly handcrafted in Jamestown, New York. We take a great deal of pride in our product being built domestically within the US at our home in Western New York by Local 852 Ironworkers.

Why are the corners of Hope’s frames and vents fusion welded?

Hope’s Windows and doors are fusion welded as opposed to mechanically joined window and door frames to ensure seamless construction that not only provides unmatched strength and durability, but a window and door frame that is seamless and impervious to air and water.

Are all Hope’s products custom made to order?

Every single one of Hope’s Windows and door products are custom made to order. Each size and glass light pattern is constructed using our exclusive solid hot rolled steel profiles designed by you – the architect, designer, contractor or homeowner – to achieve your specific aesthetic and performance criteria.

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