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Mid Atlantic Meeting House

Mid Atlantic Meeting House 800 600 Hope's Windows, Inc.

Mid Atlantic Meeting House

Clean geometry, narrow sightlines and wonderful views are some of the terms used by an architect to describe the results of a residential adaptive reuse project for a family with a rich history in business and manufacturing.

Mid Atlantic Meeting House

Josh Allison, AIA, LEED AP, Principal of Josh Allison Architecture of Charlotte, NC, selected Hope’s® Windows, Inc. custom handcrafted steel window and door systems to renovate and expand the 4,700-square foot home – while respecting the original mid-century modern architecture.

Vacant for a number of years, the house sits atop a hill on a beautiful 18-acre piece of property in a mid-Atlantic state. Decades ago, it served as the birthplace for the family’s business and now hosts both large gatherings and intimate, multi-generational family get-togethers.

Mid Atlantic Meeting House

“This project had to allow for multiple uses by the family,” Allison says. “In addition to transforming the house into a structure that is relevant and useful today, a significant part of the program was to preserve a piece of the family business’s history.”

The combination of design, engineering and technology of the renovated house is a breathtaking salute to the historic innovations that took place in the home’s lowest level.

The raised cantilever roof and slender Hope’s framing offer an increased interior volume and an atmosphere of natural tranquility.

“We looked at a number of different products,” Allison says. “The Hope’s steel windows and doors are not only time-tested, durable and low-maintenance, they fulfilled our aesthetic and functional requirements like no other.”

Hope’s unrivaled ability to customize was in full force for this project, transforming the indoor experience to the freshness and beauty of the outdoors.

Mid Atlantic Meeting House

Hope’s custom steel slide and fold windows and doors were selected to open a full-length back wall when desired. The narrow frames were designed to unlock and fold away from each other, achieving an open wall that includes two entirely open 90-degree corners. This cornerless feature plays an important role in allowing the house to be opened up and connected to the natural surroundings.

Hope’s custom steel pivot doors and lift and slide steel windows and doors open the front half of the house, including the lower level space.

Electric-operated Hope’s hot-rolled steel transom windows installed around the house enhance the 360-degree view and are an important part of the architectural language that defines that house.

Hope’s Windows, Inc. has been the leading source of custom handcrafted solid hot-rolled steel and bronze windows and doors for more than a century. Hope’s windows and doors grace luxury homes, prestigious cultural and commercial projects across the country.

Mid Atlantic Meeting House
Mid Atlantic Meeting House
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