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Explore Hope’s in detail and you will quickly discover unmatched durability and longevity, a quality of refined elegance impossible to achieve with other materials, and a new level of freedom to design and build custom windows and doors. It is our hope that this overview will help you begin this process of discovery, leading you to make the best possible decision for your prestigious building or luxury home – an investment in Hope’s windows and doors.


Our Quality Speaks for Itself

Superior quality translates to superior value and lasting satisfaction. Hope’s steel and bronze doors and windows are universally praised for their strength, durability, and unparalleled aesthetic value. Further, the inherent material strength, manufacturing processes, and finishing techniques result in doors and windows that last and sustain their beauty for generations.

Exclusive Hot-Rolled Profiles

Hope’s windows and doors begin with artisans that transform billets of solid steel or architectural bronze into a variety of slim, geometrically complex, and remarkably strong profiles. This transformation is achieved through hot-rolling, a process where the metal is heated to such an extreme temperature that it becomes malleable and is then shaped by passing, or rolling, through an array of precision tooling to its final shape.

Hot-Rolled Profile

While there are some basic hot-rolled steel sections available in the marketplace to anyone, Hope’s profiles are exclusive to us. Each is custom designed with strength, purpose, and aesthetic in mind. With these precision-made profiles, Hope’s crafts the world’s finest windows and doors.

Hot-rolling video courtesy of Montanstahl.


Custom Choices

Every Hope’s window and door is custom designed by you – the architect, designer, and homeowner – to achieve your specific aesthetic and performance criteria.

You choose the material – steel or bronze. You choose your frame profile, shape, size, and glass. You choose true divided lites, simulated divided lites, or large uninterrupted expanses. You choose fixed or operable windows, and you decide where and how your windows open and close. You choose the functionality of your doors – swing-in, swing-out, pivoting, lift-slide, or slide-fold. You choose your desired hardware – hinges, locks, handles, kick plates, and more – to ensure the longest-lasting and smoothest operation.

Whether new construction, retrofit, or historic preservation, designers incorporate Hope’s windows, skylights, and doors into every variety of architectural style.


Design Assistance

Hope’s helps guide you along the way to ensure your vision is achieved. Hope’s has earned a reputation for continuously achieving new possibilities in window and door design. Offering more interesting forms on the grandest scales and with more dynamic functionality, no design is too ambitious for Hope’s.

Hope’s provides custom solutions to satisfy local, state, and national building code requirements of any building project. Regardless of how complex or challenging a building code, there is a solution, and Hope’s can provide it.

A Continuous Improvement Process

Research and Development

Hope’s R&D team develops and tests new products and methods to continuously improve various aspects of steel windows and doors. At Hope’s, we never stop imagining how our products can progress. This imaginative approach has driven our talented engineers to make major advancements in the industry – from rethinking the smallest of details to designing entirely new systems and specialty operations – our R&D team is dedicated to solving challenges big and small. This commitment to quality and innovation has maintained Hope’s place in the forefront of the industry for over a century.

Third-Party Testing and Certification

There are steel windows and doors on the market, and then there are Hope’s custom crafted windows and doors that set the standard to meet and exceed the highest expectation of the owner, architect, designer, and builder. Hope’s provides peace of mind with products that are tested and proven to deliver protection solutions – from inclement weather, harsh/extreme environments, and even dangerous situation caused by man or Mother Nature.

Hope’s prides itself on its long-standing commitment to testing and certification, subjecting its products to more third-party testing and certifications than any other steel window and door manufacturer. The process of exceeding both rigorous, independent testing and customer expectations begins with the engineering and design of Hope’s products – expertise derived from more than 100 years of experience.

Hope’s transparently provides detailed information about its testing results and certifications, including hurricane-impact resistance, air infiltration, water penetration, structural integrity, forced entry resistance, thermal performance, paint finish performance, fire resistance, bullet resistance, and bomb-blast protection.

Manufacturing Process

Hope’s meticulous manufacturing process and unrivaled artistry result in windows and doors of impeccable quality. We custom craft each and every window and door to the absolute highest standards of excellence.

Hope’s continuously invests in new high-tech manufacturing equipment, when and where technology can enhance quality and product performance.



Solid hot-rolled steel or bronze profiles are formed perfectly to specified shapes, including complex curves.



Hope’s 5-axis laser precision cuts heavy gauge steel and bronze for complete design flexibility.

Fusion Welding

Fusion Welding

Fusion welding is a unique feature of Hope’s Windows. In this process, all frame and vent corners and muntin intersections are fused together to form one continuous frame. The slag that forms at welded joints is ground and sanded smooth until visually imperceptible.



The result is enhanced weather resistance and joints that are stronger than the steel itself. A fusion welded corner will withstand twisting of a full 360 degrees without failure.

Thermal Evolution™ Technology

Thermal Evolution™ Technology

Windows and doors equipped with Thermal Evolution™ technology feature fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) isolators. These isolators are precision machined to nest perfectly within Hope’s traditional hot-rolled solid steel frame profiles where they are permanently bonded.



Formed steel and bronze windows undergo rigorous fabrication procedures to achieve structural and visual perfection.

Finishing Process

To achieve the longest product life cycle, Hope’s employs the world’s most advanced finishing system. Developed in cooperation with top U.S. metallurgists and architectural coatings suppliers, Hope’s finishing system is engineered to ensure that windows and doors remain pristine and free from corrosion decade after decade, even in the harshest environments, inland or ocean-front.

Hope’s Power of 5™ Finishing System is the most comprehensive coating system available. For the top coat, there are unlimited color choices, including metallic and patinas. You can also work with Hope’s to create a custom color to perfectly integrate with your design.


The Ultimate in Life Cycle Value

Every Hope’s custom crafted window and door is built to last several generations – a century or longer – with minimal maintenance. Compare this long life cycle to alternatives such as wood and aluminum, and it’s clear that Hope’s is the best long-term investment both environmentally and financially.

Made in the U.S.A.

We painstakingly handcraft each window and door in the United States, and back each with a stellar reputation for the finest quality.








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