Steel Windows & Doors in a Desert Climate

Private Residence – Scottsdale, AZ

This stunning contemporary home is nestled in the rocky hills of the Valley of the Sun. Hope’s Landmark175™ Series steel windows and doors offer large spans of glass with narrow sightlines for unobstructed views of the lush Sonoran Desert. A view like this should not be obscured!

Steel can withstand the high heat and low humidity of arid environments for ultimate durability and longevity—making steel one of the best choices for windows in desert climates.

Steel windows and doors are naturally energy efficient with a thermal resistance five times greater than aluminum alternatives. Hope’s solid, hot-rolled steel frames are also significantly smaller to further decrease heat transfer by reducing surface exposure. Coupled with high performance insulated and low-E glass, steel windows provide very low U-values — keeping the heat out and letting more natural light in.

In addition to the thermal benefits, Hope’s steel windows and doors are also thoroughly tested for air, water, and structural to protect your home against dust storms, flash floods and washes that often occur during the Southwest monsoon season.

Photos courtesy of Sienna Custom Window & Door, LLC
Architect: Candelaria Design Associates