Monumental Curved Sliding Door System

Monumental Curved Sliding Door System – Scottsdale, AZ

With the recent surge of popularity of steel windows, the industry has seen an endless flood of strong competition from all over the world. With this kind of growth, what is motivating customers to choose one brand over the other? According to research, 90% of purchasing decisions made today are done so subconsciously. This means we’re not making our decisions logically; we are relying on emotions. Pretty amazing when you think about it. As consumers, we are all now just a simple swipe or search away from what seems like an endless overload of product information that is put in place to influence our decisions. Below describes a situation where the Hope’s Experience tour had an impact.

It’s not uncommon for Hope’s sales to get inquires for a specific singular door or window within a project’s entire scope of work. As a company, we naturally want our stamp on an entire project, and not just one singular opening. However, in this situation only one opening was specified Hope’s and the rest of the windows were scheduled to be an aluminum product. For this private Arizona residence, Hope’s was sought after to produce a monumental large curved door system that was the clear “center piece” of Brissette Architecture’s vision for this home.

As the project developed, Hope’s invited the owners, customer, architect, and general contractor to the Hope’s Experience where Hope’s opens its factories and office so the parties involved can get a personal look into all of the extensive steps involved in the process of the product. The willingness to offer this in-house look into the process allowed for these customers to go beyond search engines, the flash of websites and social media, and be part of something special and unguarded.

When folks are brought in to witness all of the hands, minds, and machines that are all part of the fabric of the Hope’s product, it becomes an absolute game changer.

Upon returning back to Arizona, the customer decided to expand the scope for Hope’s and purchased all windows and doors in the Landmark 175 product series.

Photos: Alexander Vertikoff Photography
Architect: Brissette Architecture