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Jamestown175™ Series

Ideal for projects requiring oversize windows and doors with narrow sightlines. This series offers special operating types such as top hung or pivoting windows and is certified for use in special applications such as hurricane resistance.

Empire Bronze™ Jamestown175™ Series

Offers the ageless beauty of solid bronze with the elegant sightlines, durability, and meticulous manufacturing techniques synonymous with all Hope’s products.

Landmark175™ Series

Ideal for projects calling for classic solid steel windows and doors with slender sightlines. This series offers an even narrower sightline for operable windows and doors than our Jamestown175 Series.

University Series™

Designed for projects requiring historic replication of exterior putty-glazed steel windows and doors. The unique profile and narrow sightlines are ideal for new construction as well as replacement projects.


University Series

One55™ Series

Designed for projects requiring replication of historic steel windows and doors with arrow-shaped profiles. This distinctive profile with its very narrow framing mimics the look of the earliest residential steel windows and historic industrial designs.

5000 Series™

Ideal for special operations such as off-set pivot, lift-slide, or slide-fold. These windows, doors, and skylights are custom formed from heavy gauge steel and complement Hope’s traditional hot-rolled steel products by providing the greatest latitude for design flexibility and hardware options.

Empire Bronze™ 5000 Series

These windows, doors, and skylights are custom formed from heavy gauge bronze and complement our traditional hot-rolled bronze products by providing the greatest latitude for design flexibility and hardware options.

Hopkins™ Series

Designed for projects requiring a maximum clear opening while providing storm and impact protection in hurricane zones. These custom formed steel slide and fold doors are tested and certified for passive storm protection without the need for shutters.

Thermal Evolution™ Technology

Hope’s Thermal Evolution Technology is ideal for projects in extreme hot or cold climates. Hope’s exclusive technology adds enhanced thermal resistance without compromising the structural integrity of the solid hot-rolled steel profiles.

Blast Mitigation and Bullet Resistant Products

Designed to provide life-saving protection for high-risk and secure areas such as government buildings, airports, and banks. Blast resistant windows mitigate the hazardous effects of flying glass and other debris following an explosion. Bullet-resistant windows offer life-saving protection against bullets in gunfire situations.

Fire Rated

Designed to protect people and property in a building fire situation for up to 120 minutes. These windows and doors are subjected to rigorous fire resistance testing, certification, and labeling and are underwritten by Warnock Hersey.

Hope's Operations During COVID-19

Like all businesses and organizations throughout the United States, Hope’s has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic. As you would expect, our first priority is the health and safety of our employees, representatives, distributors, and customers who all make it possible for us to consistently provide the highest level of products and services.

In light of President Trump’s “15 Days to Slow the Spread” guidelines we implemented procedures and protocols to do our part including social distancing, sanitizing, and stepping down occupancy of our campus buildings.

On Friday March 20, New York’s Gov. Cuomo issued Executive Order 202.8 requiring all non-essential businesses to reduce the number of on-site employees by 100% effective March 22, 2020. Therefore, in compliance, we have temporarily suspended manufacturing operations.

Hope’s has submitted an official request to New York State to be designated an “essential business,” which when granted would permit Hope’s to continue manufacturing and shipping product. We expect to receive a positive response within the next two days.

In the meantime, Hope’s administrative, sales, project management, and engineering personnel are working remotely from home and continue to be available to communicate with our valued customers. We are continuing to estimate, submit bids, and produce shop drawings for contract work.

To access employee contact information, please refer to our Meet Our Team page.

Hope’s will remain diligent and highly responsive to all our customers and will keep you updated with future developments.

Be safe and stay healthy!

Randy Manitta

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