EMS Station Renovation with Thermal Steel Windows

FDNY EMS Station 39 – Brooklyn, NY

A three-year renovation of the FDNY EMS Station 39 in Brooklyn modernized the facility in dire need of repair. The green renovation focused on sustainable and energy efficient initiatives throughout including a green roof with rainwater collection, solar tube lighting, and Hope’s thermal steel windows.

Exterior window units were custom-built for the station with Hope’s Landmark175™ Series solid, hot-rolled steel profiles and equipped with Thermal Evolution™ technology for enhanced energy efficiency and optimal thermal performance.

Interior fire-rated steel windows were installed to allow natural light to flow and provide visibility between hallways and Advanced Life Support (ALS) storage areas, Lieutenant and Captain’s offices, and the kitchen/lounge area. A large 7′ tall 90-minute fire-rated unit was also installed in the ambulance garage.

Hope’s Jamestown175 Series 45-minute fire-rated steel windows and 5000 Series™ 90-minute fire-rated steel windows were chosen for the interior spaces as an important life-safety measure to prevent flames from spreading from one room to another, mitigate smoke hazards, and maintain structural integrity in the event of a fire.

EMS Station 39 serves the Cypress Hills, Brownsville, and East New York neighborhoods of Brooklyn, providing 10 Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support ambulances daily and supports a staff of more than 75 EMTs, paramedics, and officers.

“I wanted the EMTs, Paramedics, and Officers at this station to be proud of where they worked. I wanted the place to be clean, bright, and pleasant,” said FDNY Chief Architect Irma Fontaine.

Photos: Jeremy Frechette
Architect: Ronnette Riley Architects