Historical Replication of Bronze Doors

Indiana War Memorial – Indianapolis, IN

The Indiana War Memorial is a National Historic Landmark. In order to bring the iconic Neoclassical building into compliance with current fire codes and ADA accessibility requirements, Hope’s custom-built new Empire Bronze™ Jamestown175™ Series doors to exactly match and replace existing doors in the structure’s north and west entranceways.

To begin the historic replication project, the original doors were sent to Hope’s to be studied by our design team who would then create exact replicas for each. Our craftsmen then crafted each door by hand with artisan skills and unyielding attention to detail.

Hope’s refurbished the ornamental lattice and replaced some with custom-made identical pieces as necessary. The replacement doors were constructed of solid bronze and finished on-site to ensure a precise match to the facade of the historic building.

Read more about the meticulous restoration of the Indiana War Memorial in this July 2014 press release.

Photos courtesy of Pauly Jail Building Company. Inc.
Architect: Mark H. Mitchell, R.A. | Associate State Architect, DAPW