Eneref Institute Report: Steel Windows Enhance Natural Daylight in Palm Beach Home

Sustainability and Sructural Integrity Drive Design in Luxury Florida Home

In this report, Eneref Institute examines a luxury home focused on sustainability and structural integrity.

"Everywhere you are in the house, you're just one window or one view away from the exterior."

The breezy Palm Beach island spirit was echoed by Lillian Fernandez Interiors. Fernandez’s team has set a pivotal and fresh standard for Palm Beach residences, focusing not just on reflecting the are’s famously relaxed aesthetic but also on sustainable, earth-friendly design.

By using natural interior daylight (NID) as a primary light source, Lillian Fernandez Interiors and her team helped reduce global carbon emissions while enhancing the home’s allure. If the US were to maximize all available energy-efficient technologies — as demonstrated in the Fernandez home — the country could reach 40% of the carbon emissions needed to meet the Paris Climate Agreement goals.

“We are all about sustainability,” explained Lillian Fernandez, who was interviewed for this report. “It’s very important to us.”

Eneref Institute is a research and advocacy organization focused on environmental and social responsibility opportunities as a catalyst for change. The mission of Eneref Institute is to launch initiatives that raise awareness for clear, specific solutions that put forward an efficient use of natural resources, demonstrate social responsibility and foster a peaceful, earth-friendly economy.